Is Cooking a Good Career Choice?

Making a career choice is a difficult decision to make and should not be taken lightly. Becoming a chef is an excellent option, but, as with any job, it has its pros and cons. Long working hours, physical demand and low starting pay can be a challenge, but if you choose to dedicate yourself to food service, you'll be rewarded with a satisfying job that offers a lot of freedom and creativity and that is constantly changing. Cooking is an incredible way to express yourself and share your passion with others.

As a chef, you'll have the chance to create new dishes, experiment with unique ingredients, and maybe even create your own restaurant concept one day. The culinary arts are an incredible field for people who want to show their creativity through food. Anyway, cooking in and of itself is a rewarding job. Actually, it's not bad for your body at all (look how many chefs are still taking a step forward even after 60).

Sitting all day at a desk is much less healthy. Cooking is fun and useful, but you just have to get into a lot of nonsense, since there are a lot of bad restaurants. If you love food and cooking, why not make a career by becoming a professional chef? In addition to job satisfaction, being a chef offers a great career progression from Commis Chef to Demi Chef, then Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine and, finally, executive chef. You also have the option of taking your career to various locations, including restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering companies and corporate events.

In my experience, being a chef has high levels of job satisfaction. Those who choose a career in catering do so because they love food and cooking. Our role as chefs allows us to spend every day doing what we love. Greg says that working in the kitchen is very hot, crowded and dangerous, especially during the rush of breakfast, lunch and dinner when cooks run through the kitchen to fill orders.

The way a kitchen is prepared with its clear range structure makes it easy for all chefs to see what career ladder they can climb. There are many other careers available where working hours are standard Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Chefs have one of the highest rates of work-related injuries as they can be found in kitchens with slippery floors, hot surfaces, sharp knives and boiling liquids. After weighing the above pros and cons you may still be unsure if becoming a chef is right for you. In general anyone who starts a career as a chef will not do it for the money since it is bad compared to other careers due to the amount of working hours involved. Although there are some downsides to becoming a chef it's still an intensely rewarding and engaging career. Remuneration is a difficult topic to discuss at length since there are many factors that determine where you are in the world what level of cuisine you are in and whether work is remunerated by the hour or by salary.

However if a chef continues to have a successful career and becomes head chef at a high-end restaurant or opens his own restaurant the reward can be quite substantial. Job satisfaction makes being a chef a good professional choice which includes being a chef at this point.

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